Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Button Downs equal Mental Health

I've noticed a trend that whenever a woman celebrity wants to appear healthy and happy they pose on the cover of a magazine in an oversized man's button down white shirt and nothing else. Maybe some sexy long socks, but usually nothing else. Aniston did it after the whole divorce thing and Britney just did it on the cover of some magazine I just saw but am not going to look up because I don't want to google Britney and white button down and magazine cover because I just don't want to, OK? Now Aniston's naked on the cover of GQ with only a tie, which I guess means that she's over the healing process and wants to have sex. Interestingly enough, when you're OK about men you wear men's clothes because, like, you don't care! So just so you know, celebrity in a man's shirt: healthy, renewed. Celebrity naked: wants it bad.

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