Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Harmonakira or Shamonica

Like most Americans I watched the inauguration with overwhelming pride. I even stood alone in my living room as Obama took the oath of office, though I immediately collapsed in a heap of second hand embarrassment with the whole fumbling over the words of the oath incident. But what really got to me was later that night at the Public Ball when Shakira performed. She looked way hot and sexy and sang that fun bright side of the road song but then, towards the end of the song, she brings out a harmonica! A harmonica! What?! Since when does Shakira play the harmonica in a ballgown and is that necessary and what? And then Stevie Wonder played and he played the harmonica but all I could see what the image of Shakira playing the harmonica, seared in my brain. You may be saying, “Sarah, what’s the big deal?” But if you didn’t see it then you don’t know. My roommate was confused and frightened by the harmonica as well, and equally as pissed that Shakira stole Stevie Wonder’s harmonica thunder. So there.

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OSIRIS said...

You're an idiot and obviously not familiar with Shakira or her talents. She has played the harmonica for years and you'll hear it in many of her songs. Take a listen sometime and you'll see. She didn't steal Stevie's thunder either. Everyone knows he is a master at the harmonica, including Shakira and she knows better than to go up against him. Of all the wonderful things you saw that night, it's sad that all you were able to "sear" into your mind was an image of Shaki playing a harp!...There are VERY few artists that can look and sound as BEAUTIFUL as her while doing it...and yea, in a BALLGOWN!