Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who and Where and With What and Why?

They are remaking Clue. Maybe it's a re-imagining. Either way, I don't care. There is no need for this perfect movie to be remade. Who could possibly live up to the original cast? Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Leslie Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Lee Ving...are you kidding me? Gore Verbinski of Pirates of the Caribbean fame is directing it, so you know what that means. I didn't know what the meant, actually, until my brother told me. That means that Johnny Depp will be in it. And he'll most likely play the Tim Curry role. And he'll most likely put on a British accent that everyone will think is brilliant because it's a charming knock off of some other British person. I feel flames on the side of my face. Breathing, heaving flames. This blog's name is taken from Clue. I have a deep, spiritual, intellectual and sexual connection with Clue. This is just so upsetting. Here's a Clue clip. If you haven't seen Clue, see it now before it is forever ruined by Depp. In other news, Mr. Verbinski, who is an avid reader of this blog, if you would like to cast me in your remake of Clue, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

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ASP CAP said...

the very act of considering remaking clue is a travesty. don't touch perfection. ugh.